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Beau Books are written by a retired teacher of 25 years.  Becky A's goals are  providing entertaining storybooks that promote early reading skills, values, and reader confidence.  She is available for story reading visits to schools and libraries in her region.  Please go to CONTACT US for scheduling.

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Discover the Beau Books Series 

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Beau time Coloring Book

Beau Time is 61 single-sided pages focusing on time: seasons, months, weekdays and time to the hour. The pages are hand drawn and Beau is on almost every one trying to help, Coloring is very important, It encourages pencil grip practice and focus. It allows for imaginative creativity.
This book is a great gift and it is a wonderful companion to the story book series, Beau Books.

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Brave Beau  April 2024

Brave Beau became international within the first month of publication!  This book has been sold in Germany and the United Kingdom through IngramSpark. 

Brave Beau is an easy reader which helps children deal with feelings of anxiety in a positive way. Beau is afraid to try new things like learning to swim or riding in a boat. He gets afraid of noises in the dark. He also must do things that he doesn't want to. He finds a solution for each issue. It is hoped that identifying with his feelings will let children face their own difficult situations with helpful thinking. Brave Beau is sure to be a fun bedtime or anytime favorite. All of the Beau Books are created to promote a fun way to transition into good reading skills. This is done with repetitive text for building reader confidence, beautiful illustrations which provide context clues and use of sight word identification. Each Beau Book has a Dyslexia friendly font. There are parent/teacher comprehension questions and a sight word list at the end of each book.


Beau's Christmas time

Beau's Christmas Time is now available on Amazon and the hard cover is on IngramSpark.
More reading skill boosters are included in this book which explores Beau's Christmas traditions. This book provides more insights into Beau's world during the Christmas season.

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Kindle Cover

Introducing Beau and Friends

Beau and Friends is the second storybook in the Beau Book Series that was just published August 30, 2023. In this book, Beau explores what friendship means and he finds that the Golden Rule helps. This book is entertaining and also, continues the Beau Books tools which boost reading skills and  reading confidence.

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The No, Beau! Coloring Book

The No, Beau! Coloring Book was published June 3, 2023.  It features Beau in coloring pages and preschool activity pages.  The coloring pages help develop fine motor skills and the activity pages focus on shape identification, counting skills, drawing, hand/eye coordination, and more.  This book makes for fun and productive time for your little one.


Becky A Books - Inspiring Children's Book Author

Welcome to Becky A Books, where imagination and inspiration come to life in our delightful children's books. Our main focus is to create illustrated, engaging picture books that not only entertain young readers but also help them develop positive attitudes, creative thinking, and essential reading skills. Join us as we embark on adventures with our beloved character, Beau, and stay updated with our latest events, sales, and freebies.

Discover No, Beau! 

Published in late April 2023, 'No, Beau!' is our first storybook addition to the world of children's literature. This captivating book is designed to entertain young readers while inspiring them to face challenges with a positive outlook and develop their creative thinking abilities. With its repetitive text, sight word list, and context clues from beautiful illustrations, 'No, Beau!' also promotes essential reading skills for early learners.

No, Beau!  has 22 Amazon five star reviews!  You can see several to the right beside the No, Beau cover illustration.  The other Beau Books also have five star reviews!  Thank you to you who took the time.  Reviews are so important and helpful.

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Beau Books sold in local stores!


The storefront of Auburn Oil Co. Booksellers.  It is located at 149 E Magnolia Avenue in Auburn, AL.

Beau Books on the shelf AOCBS

Beau Books are on the shelf at Auburn Oil Co. Booksellers.  Thank you, Mike Amor and Katy Hall.


I was proud to be part of the local authors event, Homegrown Words, in June of 2024 at Auburn Oil Co. Booksellers.

Theresa's Cut N Corner

Beau Books have been sold at Theresa's Cut and Corner since December of 2023.   Theresa Sykes and Rebekah Clark are wonderful at keeping us looking great and you can get a Beau Book while you are there!

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